Welcome to your first parking lesson

If you were asked to view this website off of a card or note placed on your vehicle, it's because you were being inconsiderate of other drivers. This site was built as a reminder to everyone that there are other people in this world besides YOU!

Featured Idiots

The reason I built this site was I wanted to help the millions of un-happy drivers who want to communicate with those people out there who need a lesson in PARKING ETIQUETTES.

You will find pictures of what I see as inconsiderate parking posted on this site. You will also see pictures of the proper way to park your vehicle in various situations.

Don't be this guy

Parking Rules for Morons

These are the rules that these people follow when parking. I think they must have a manual!

Block The Road

When waiting for a parking spot, stop in the middle of the road, don't signal, and orient your car diagonally to prevent others from passing.

Over the Lines

Always park on the lines, taking up as many spots as possible. Diagonal parking is preferred.

Space Matters

In a crowded parking lot, if you find a spot and have the opportunity to pull through to an adjacent one, drive up half way and stop on the line, taking both.

Get in Close

Always park close enough to the adjacent car so that the other driver must grease up with Vaseline to squeeze into his/her car.

Learn to park

This site is dedicated to all of those people out there that still respect their fellow man/woman and take time to do what’s right! Thank you.

Help us to spread the word

If you like the site and would like to join me in trying to change  the attitude of these flagrant offenders then I suggest you create your own cards and start placing them on offending vehicles.

If you are offended by this site I am sorry, maybe next time you will take the time to properly position your vehicle in the parking space you occupy.

Be courteous, you don't own the world

I want this site to be fun, but I also want to spread the word about proper parking etiquette. I am tired of going to the mall, grocery store, restaurants and other public parking areas and finding these scenarios on a daily basis. People need to wake up and stop living in their own ME world.

Big Picture

It’s about getting a better picture of the problem (pun intended).

Lesson Learned

It isn’t about revenge, though we readily admit to a certain satisfaction at the thought that offenders may be taught a lesson.


It’s about an increasing awareness of an ongoing problem.

Morons you might know

How To Park

Click and drag the vehicle into the parking spot. Made simple, just for you.

Backing Up

Your greatest fear made simple

Parallel Parking

This one is going to be hard.


Now that you have learned how to properly park, you can practice in the real world! Just remember, be considerate, not an idiot.

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