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Here are some great ideas for creating your own ParkingLessons.com cards to be placed on the cars of those in need of our service! If you click on each of the cards, a pdf will open so you can print them on your own card stock.

Click on graphic to get printable pdf.
This is the first original card that I designed. I started out with over a thousand and I had to reorder about six months later.

I went to a very reasonable online printer: overnightprints.com and created my card and had them delivered right to my house for less than $30.00. This card has been a great success.
Here's another example of a card that can be placed on the windshields of all those flagrant offenders.

You can make your own using your printer at home. These are alot of fun. If you place one on a car, I would love for you to send me a picture of the card on the car.


This person could have used one of these cards while I was visiting St Augustine Florida!

Click on graphic to get printable pdf.
Check Out this new card style:

Click on graphic to get printable pdf.
More Styles Coming Soon!

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